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    S6 & S6 Edge CASES and REPAIR available!

    Samsung S6 & S6 Edge case and repair are now available! Find your Samsung S6 & S6 Edge Case and Repair at Mobile Essentials. We have normal TPU cases, stripe wallets, and wallet cases with pure colours that are either LIGHT AND SIMPLE or MULTI-FUNCTIONS AND CONVENIENT.  Come and pick one lovely cloth for your Samsung S6 or S6 Edge! Also, we

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    3 Steps to know your phone model.

    3 Steps to know your phone model When you stepping into a shop and try to buy a case for your phone, the sales people would like to ask you for phone model. It sometimes confuse people. Yes, Apple has 5s, Samsung has S5, and Nokia always name the phone with three digits number (e.g. 520,720,1020…). I met the customer

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